Magellan-Transition coaches, certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation), adhere to the ICF code of ethics and undertake to follow it.


The code of ethics to which we are committed guarantees all our clients an ethical and professional working environment. This is essential because it ensures an environment of trust between the coach and the coachee.

Concretely, a contract is established at the beginning of coaching between the coach and the coachee. In the case of a contract encouraged by the employer, it will be a tripartite agreement between the company, the coach and the coachee.

This contract contains practical information and also sets the coachee’s objectives, the key indicators of success and the framework in which the coaching will be carried out. It is the reference document throughout the coaching relationship.

As Magellan-Transition coaches, our commitment to our clients is to:

  • Make all our knowledge and our personal and professional skills available in order to be able to meet the coaching request.
  • Tell them if their request falls outside the scope of our expertise and refer them to other professionals if more appropriate.
  • Seek regular supervision.
  • Empower each coachee to be responsible for the actions they will take.
  • Continue training and educating ourselves in our professional field in order to upskill.
  • Connected collaboration: Be it in a remote context or in a scattered team.
  • Flexibility : We can meet your organizational needs on various sites in parallel.

Our Certifications

In industrial companies, safety comes first. It is just as important for us, as coaches, as it is for them. The code of ethics to which we adhere is essential protection for each of our clients.
Anne de Solages
Magellan-Transition Coach