The last few days have been very gloomy. Winter is setting in, our conversations are all connected to the ongoing health situation and the outlook for the coming months looks worrying. So - it’s time to take the bull by the horns so as not to sink into a black slump.

In the same way that we take vitamins to arm our body against various winter attacks, we might choose to do a course of mental vitamins, in order to arm our minds against seasonal depression.

💊 Let’s avoid negative atmospheres: let’s make choices regarding the information, the conversations, the positive people we spend time on.

💊 Let’s pay attention to what we say: a thought expressed aloud carries 10 times more weight than if it remains unexpressed. Athletes know this well. So let’s choose our words wisely, we have this power!

💊 Let’s adopt neutral thinking: It’s a way of analyzing problems by suspending our judgment, including silence, pauses, and staying focused on the present moment.

💊Adopt an attitude of daily gratitude: known to decrease stress and increase the feeling of well-being!

💊 Take care of ourselves by managing our physical energy: sleep well, eat properly, play sports.

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What we stand for

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