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Why is making decisions so difficult?

WHy is making decisions so difficult?

At the moment, at Magellan-Transition we are living in a period of strategic decision-making. Not always comfortable. We are constantly making decisions which are more or less important, all the time. Everything feels like it is going fast, accelerating. There is always the fear of making the wrong choice and sometimes even the urge to put your head under the pillow and hide from it all.

The subject of decision-making comes up regularly in coaching.

So, let’s unpack what is that makes making decisions difficult. Of course, it isn’t the same for everyone.

Sometimes it’s a fear of failure, some hate the idea of giving up, others fear the consequences of a choice they’ve already made.

And there are different ways to make decisions, allowing for individual preferences.

❓What about you – what happens when you have to make a decision?

❓How do you prefer to decide?

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