Speed-coaching: remember to charge your own batteries!

Hommes habillé en blanc avec ordinateur sur les jambes qui travaille sur un bateau et qui recharge ses batteries
Tired, demoralized, stressed, we're a long way from being a “fully charged" battery! Today I propose a quick speed coaching, to charge you up FAST!


“Human physiology is a structured and coherent whole, articulated around three reservoirs of energy called batteries that we must carefully maintain: the mental, the emotional and the physical.”

Alain GOUDSMET in The Corporate Athlete

Mental Battery: This is linked to your brain activity. When it’s fully charged you feel intellectually stimulated. You learn new things, and intellectual work is quite easy for you.

Emotional Battery: This one is linked to your heart. At 100%, you feel good about yourself, you’re self confident, you’re aware of your strengths and limitations. Nothing discourages you.

Physical Battery: This battery is linked to our physical condition. Charged to 100%, you are in great shape. Thanks to plenty of rest time, regular physical activity and a healthy diet, you are physically ready for anything!


Now, take the time to evaluate these three batteries separately. On a scale of 0 to 100%, measure the state of your 3 batteries right now.

For example: I’ve just started my new role as a manager. I find the challenge very stimulating = Emotional battery at 85%.  I started leadership training at the same time, my mental battery is at 80% – but I’m not sleeping well at the moment, my children wake up several times a night and I often have a headache, my physical battery is at 30%.

It would be great if the average of the state of these 3 batteries matched my current condition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. We are worth whatever our lowest battery is worth. And in this case, that is 30%! Why? Because our general state is directly impacted by what pulls us down. A bad night’s sleep and the day goes on painfully. Bad news and it’s hard to concentrate.


Now, I suggest you make a table like this:

For each battery, take the time to write down 5 elements that empty it and 5 elements that recharge it.

I noted to myself while doing this exercise that sitting at my desk for too long quickly drains my physical battery. Having a long list of late emails impacts my mental recharge. On the other hand, an appointment with a customer who feels reinvigorated after it, or a simple walk in a nice environment and my emotional battery is recharged.

Filling out this table requires good self-knowledge and a lot of observation. I encourage you to take the time it takes to complete it. 

Once done, you will have a powerful and easy-to-use tool. By thinking of your overall battery as a set of 3 rechargeable batteries, you have more control over their charging levels. It will also give you special awareness and vigilance for anything that “drains” you physically, emotionally or mentally.

Enjoy the challenge and happy recharging!

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